I have always been intrigued about writing a blog/collection with resolutions and hints for many of the small or big issues where I bang my head against the wall oh-so-often. A lot of hours have been spent browsing the web for small clues that when all put together solves the issue I am struggling with, why not put all these together for my self and perhaps even for others to find and get helped by. I at least know that I would have saved a lot of time if I would have found entries that gives hints in a larger context than just one line of code. Neither does it usually help responding to many of the old forum postings since threads usually have a few years on the neck. So here I go, let’s see where it leads.

About me, worked with QA since 9 years back, consultant, fixed employee, QA Researcher/Engineer/Lead/Manager. Main interests are within test automation and CI.

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